September 2019 — Wind Beneath My Wings

September 2019 — Wind Beneath My Wings


Show the trailer of either version of the movie Beaches. The song “Wind Beneath my Wings” sung by Bette Midler is the original soundtrack. Play the four–minute music video of this 1980’s movie, which can be found at or the updated version of the movie starring Idina Menzel and Nia Long, with the song sung by Idina Menzel.

Worship Together

There is a Christian lyric version of “Wind Beneath my Wings” posted on YouTube. Print the lyrics and invite the women to sing this Christian version together:


Read Proverbs 16:1–3 from both The Message and the New Living Translation.

Commit to God All That You Do

The “Wind Beneath My Wings” is an iconic song from the soundtrack for the 1980’s Bette Midler movie Beaches. The Lifetime Channel did a remake of the movie starring Idina Menzel and Nia Long with Menzel doing the soundtrack. The movie and the song will bring back fond memories to many of us. Beaches is about two women who are unlikely friends but meet and become lifelong friends sharing lots of ups and downs. The song is one friend (CC) singing to the other (Hillary). The words are, “It must have been cold there in my shadow. To never have sunlight on your face, I was the one with all the glory while you were the one with all the strength.” CC loves her best friend Hillary but at times seems to love the spotlight more. CC has big plans for her life and career and chooses to put them ahead of Hillary and their friendship.

We too make lots of plans. We plan vacations. We plan our gardens. We plan for our kids’ educations. We plan what our husbands should wear to a party. We plan meals. We plan events and gifts. We plan when to start our families. The planning list goes on and on. However, we read in Proverbs 16:1 (The Message), “Mortals make elaborate plans but God has the last word.” Sometimes, in making those plans we leave out the most important aspect as women of God. We sometimes forget and leave God in the shadows like the song from Beaches suggests. We leave Him behind. We love Him but still leave Him out of what we perceive are our perfect plans.

“Did you ever know that you’re my hero?  And everything I would like to be?  I can fly higher than an eagle, you are the wind beneath my wings.” Do we remember to put God first in all situations? When we do what Proverbs 16:3 says and “Commit to God whatever we do,” the result is that “our plans will succeed.”  We need to commit our ways to the Lord. We need to commit everything we do to the Lord. Whether it be planning a vacation or preparing a worship service, we need to commit it to God. In so doing, our lives can be a song that praises and says, “God, You are my hero.” Your life can be a testimony to our desire to be like Him with His grace, love, and hope. It will be as if we are flying high.

Celebrating Solomon’s School of Wisdom—Solomon’s wisdom was given to him by God. When God asked him what he wanted, Solomon could have asked for anything. He could have asked for what the world sees as important like money or fame. Instead of asking God to make him rich or powerful, he asked to be made wise. He used that wisdom to lead his people well. God’s wisdom means knowing Him and realizing that His Word shows us how to live a worthy life. Having God’s wisdom brings peace and satisfaction. His wisdom is available to all who ask for it. If we live a life using Godly wisdom, we will experience great blessing.

Think about that situation that you had all planned out and that didn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Maybe your marriage is suffering. Your preparation for this partnership hasn’t turned out as you hoped. Maybe your children aren’t on the path that you’ve prayed for them. Maybe your work life is not fulfilling or purposeful. Maybe your health is declining. Stop trying to make the plans successful by sheer force of your will. Stop trying to force the situation. Commit it to God. And the Word of God promises “your plans will succeed.” Regardless of the outcome, your plans will be successful because God has been at the center of it all. We have God as “the wind beneath our wings” when we’ve committed our ways to Him.

Ponder and Pray

God, You give us the freedom to choose who and how we will serve. Even if we choose darkness, You allow us that freedom. The song from Beaches has some deep thoughts for us to consider and honestly ask ourselves. Are we doing things in our own strength? Are we seeking our own glory? Are we seeking our own praise? Are we more concerned with earthly praise and rewards? Do we want to be more like God? We acknowledge today and always that, as the songs says, “I would be nothing without You.” Everything good we have is because God has blessed us. We thank You Lord, because You are the wind beneath our wings.