Drama – The Recipe

Drama – The Recipe

Drama – The Recipe

Music from “The Waitress” by: Sara Bareilles

Lyrics and Music Adapted by: Sabrina Borum

Inspired by: The Bible and various devotionals


Sugar, sugar/ Sugar, butter / Sugar, butter, flour/ Sugar, butter, flour / Sugar, butter, flour.

My hands pluck the things I know that I’ll need, I take the sugar and butter from the pantry.

I add the flour to begin what I am hoping to start and then it’s down with the recipe and bake from the heart.

Sugar, and butter, and flour, and mother .

What’s inside? Everyone wants to know what’s inside.

And I always tell them but I (what’s inside) feel more than words can say.

You wanna know what’s inside? Simple question, so then what’s (inside) the answer?

Our whole life is in here (what’s inside), generations baking, recipes for living.

Daughter:       Grandma I remember the first time I tasted this recipe like yesterday.

Mother:            There’s no way you do; you were only 4!

Daughter:       I may have been 4 but I remember every detail. It all comes back to me every time I smell it baking.

Grandma:       You should’ve seen your mom the first time she tasted it. Running about the kitchen with a piece in each hand, trying to eat them at one time. Max licking up the trail of crumbs.

Mother:            Waking up to the amazing smell of your baking on Christmas morning got me out of bed faster than presents, that’s for sure.

Daughter:       It gets all of us out of bed, Mom. Grandma, why did Peter’s cornbread always taste a bit savory, almost like there was some bacon in it? This recipe doesn’t indicate anything like that.

Mother:            Nanna used to coat her pan with bacon grease before putting the batter in it.

ALL:                    Everything’s better with bacon!

Grandmas:     Hand me that bowl sweetie … and make sure to write that bit about the grease down. It’ll be important to you 30 years from now. Cornbread is a staple at the dinner table.

Daughter:       … that and prayer!

Mother:            Remember how you used to say, “God is grace.”

Daughter:       God is grace … and great and I sure do thank Him for this food. Whoa, how far back do these recipes go?

Mother:            Generations.

Grandma:       … and generations.

Daughter:       … and generationssss (all laugh). Thanks for gifting me with this recipe box; it means so much.

Grandmas:     Some of my favorite recipes came from my grandmother. Passing what she knew about how to prepare food was passing love in a way, and I’m happy to share that love with you.

Mother:            Food wasn’t the only thing she passed down. She told great stories that always came with a lesson.

Grandma:       Time just flew by listening to her. After a long day of sharing and cooking we’d be so hungry, this cornbread would just hit the spot. She may be gone, but in each warm bite I remember her fondly.

Mother:            She loved to cook simple recipes, and I do too.

Daughter:       Open can, pour contents into pan, heat until hot, serve in bowl. What?

Mother:            Now that’s my kind of recipe!

Grandma:       That was for the dog when he was sick.  We all know ability is what you’re capable of doing.

Mother:            Motivation determines what you do.

Daughter:       And attitude determines how well you do it.

Grandma:       That’s right. Ability, motivation and attitude are all ingredients for winning in the kitchen and they can’t be omitted or substituted. “If you do these things you will never stumble,” 2 Peter 1:10.

Daughter:       Remember the time I tried to use Parkay® instead of butter?

Grandma:       And what a stumble that was! You can’t change Nanna’s ingredients and then blame the recipe when things don’t turn out right.

Daughter:       2 Peter? Is that why we call Nanna’s cornbread Peter’s recipe?

Mother:            Oh yes, she got her recipes for the kitchen from her Nanna and for living from the good book.

Grandma:       Sugar, the Lord’s power and promises. We mix that sweetness into our butter, ‘cause we butter be believing and living …

Mother:            … that He strengthens our ability, inspires our motivation and empowers our attitude.

Daughter:       … for cooking, and cleaning, for forgiving our siblings for stealing our clothes. Oh goodness mom, you go back to that for everything.

Grandma:       As she should. Peter goes on to add some extra things to his flour, just as you should be doing right about now—to faith we add virtue, knowledge, self–control.

Mother:            … perseverance, godliness, kindness and love.

Daughter:       No wonder Nanna was so fruitful!

Grandma:       Adding a little of these here and there does wonders and prevents us from stumbling.

Mother:            It’s the same in life, honey. Follow the Lord’s instructions diligently, and you’ll find that His recipe will bring spiritual growth that’s sweet and fulfilling.

Daughter:       Just like Nanna’s Peter cornbread.

Grandma:       Remember, “If you do these things you will never stumble.”

Sugar, butter, flour / Sugar, butter, flour

What’s inside? Everyone wants to know what’s inside

And we always tell them, but we feel more than words can say

You wanna know what’s inside? Simple question, so then what’s the answer?

Our whole life is in here, generations baking, recipes for living.