August 2019 — Singing of His Goodness

August 2019 — Singing of His Goodness


Singing karaoke can be a little intimidating to some but to others it brings out their adventurous side. Some get ahold of the microphone and can sing like a bird. Others grab it and think they can sing like a bird, and then there are those who grab the microphone and… Well. Let’s just say they make a “joyful noise to the Lord.” Each one of us is uniquely made. We are all created in the image of God and were created to give Him praise.

The karaoke machine is very helpful to keep us in tune and to provide the words by highlighting them on the screen. But if we leave the machine in the box unused, then we just have a silent machine. The same thing happens with our testimony when we keep what God has done for us in the box, sealed up. It does not bring anyone to God, nor does it bring glory to Him. The Psalms tell us to sing unto the Lord. Sing a new song, sing, sing, sing!

Program Outline


Read Psalm 47

Opening Prayer

Sing Karaoke Praise Songs

Music Games

Testimony “Share Your Story”

Call to Worship Rev. 5:9

Devotional “Sing a New Song”


Hum Diddly Do

Each team chooses a woman from their side who chooses a song from a list provided. Both women turn to their teammates and hum the song until a team member guesses the song correctly. The first team to guess the song is the winner of that round. Repeat for as long as you wish.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics

The contestant sings along to a musical track with the lyrics written along the bottom. For an at home version of this game, go to YouTube® and search “Best karaoke songs with lyrics” (choose your genre). Each team can choose their song from the page. Play the video and as the team sings along, the opposing team stops the music at any time. After the team continues to sing what they think comes next, play the remainder of the song and check to see if they got it right.

To make the event fun, give out rewards: First place a 100 Grand® candy bar, second place Zero® candy bar and third place Pay Day®.

Sing a New Song

Psalms 98 is a wonderful picture of praise. It starts out with singing to the Lord a new song as a testimony of God’s divine reign. The coming of Christ fulfills His plan for people to live with God for eternity. We also see the second coming of Jesus to judge the world. Our lives are a ‘new song’ of praise, because we are joyful and have the victory over sin. In Luke 19:40, Jesus told His disciples that if the people did not praise Him, the rocks and trees would. Psalm 98:7–9 speaks of rivers clapping their hands and the hills being joyful together. So let us bring on the music, let us sing our new song loud and tell the world what Jesus has done for us. It is your story and only you have the message of God’s power and grace, so sing it out loud.

Psalm 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth,” David wrote as he waited patiently for the Lord. God gives us a new song of praise for the trials we experience. People will not see the power of God in the life of a woman who is all put together. They will see Him in a woman who is enduring trials. When will people trust in the Lord? It is not when they see how powerful your faith and prayer life is, but when in the midst of a trial they witness your strength and faithfulness.

Psalm 96 “Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth.” The Psalmist sings out his praises to God in awe at His works. He tells us to praise, proclaim and declare what God has done. The best way to get your testimony of praise out is to have your heart full of praise for what the Lord has done. God has chosen each one of us to “declare… His marvelous deeds among all people. How well are you telling your story or singing your new song?

In the book of Revelation, the persecuted saints, the angels and the twenty–four elders sing praises to the Lord. In Rev. 5:9 we see that the saints in tribulation will sing a new song. What does the “new song” mean? I believe the new song is your testimony, the result of a new life in Jesus Christ. God has given each of us a unique testimony that only we each can tell with authenticity. It is like when a song is sung by the original artist and someone else comes along and sings the same song but without projecting the same sense or feeling. That is how it is when others try to tell your testimony; it will not be as effective.. The words are the same, but the authenticity is missing.