Book Review – The Joy of Falling

Book Review – The Joy of Falling



Book: The Joy of Falling

Author: Lindsay Harrel

The Joy of Falling is a fictional story of two women who lost their husbands in an accident.  The book takes you on a journey of healing, restoration and faith.  Both of these women deal with grief differently but find a common goal to lead them in this journey.

I’m a runner and have found over the years that running is like our faith.  There are times where it’s easy to trust God and other moments where we need to keep running despite our feelings.  These two women take on the challenge of running an ultra-marathon and discover more about life.

I loved this book.  In fact, I’m not much of a reader but found myself taking every spare moment to read this book.  It inspired me to take life head on, to allow God to restore and heal, and even spurred me to want to be active physically.

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