Book Review – That Sounds Fun

Book Review – That Sounds Fun



Book: That Sounds Fun

Author: Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs is the BFF I’ve never met! I have read her books and listened to her podcast for the last six years. At the end of each book, or podcast, I am always left thinking how much I would love to live in Nashville and hangout with this genuinely genuine woman.

Her most recent book, That Sounds Fun (TSF), was inspired by her podcast (aptly named “That Sounds Fun”) and is a journey through the last several years of life for this self-proclaimed “lover of all things that glitter”. For a woman who keeps confetti poppers in her desk drawer, TSF is a very grounded look at the highs and lows she has experienced since starting her journey as a podcast host. She shares her concern that we, as a Nation, are no longer content with amateur status, even in our hobbies and leisure. She acknowledges the pressure she has felt to have it all together while learning to navigate areas of life that were new to her (writer, business owner, podcast host, speaker). She shares on the deeply personal topics of being the “Annie” people expect, her challenges with dating, and the heartbreak of having to give up her adopted puppy. She does it all with her special blend of truth, laughter, and tears.

The conversations in her book could have taken place over a cup of coffee or tea (Annie’s beverage of choice). Thanks to her encouragement I find myself praying that God will give me the courage to bravely be the women He created me to be and to find interests where I can be an amateur.

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