February 2021 – Just Be Still … God Wants to Be Loved

February 2021 – Just Be Still … God Wants to Be Loved


As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, what a fitting time to rejoice in the Lord, who is love, who loves us, and who wants to be loved in return. During this program, take the opportunity to practice the greatest commandment by loving one another through fun and fellowship and loving the Lord through the activity and devotion.


It’s all about love. Decorate with red tablecloths, hearts and chocolates.  Place inexpensive flowers such as carnations or daisies in small vases and set one at each place. Invite the women to take the flowers home at the end of the program.

Praying Together

Open in prayer and allow the women to praise the Lord in one–word responses. Say, “Lord, we praise You because You are …” The response could be “merciful,” “kind,” “compassionate.” The leader will close this time in prayer.

Game – Pass the Sweetness

Supplies: Two or three wrapped candies per person.

Ask the women to sit in a circle within easy reach of each other. Give them two or three candies. Read a series of questions. If their answer is “yes,” they take one of their candies and pass it to the left. If you have a competitive group of women, have a prize for the woman with the most candies at the end.

For question suggestions, go to: https://womensministrytoolbox.com/valentine-candy-pass/


“I Love God Because …”


  • 4×6 and/or 5×7 picture frames
  • Dry erase markers
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Sharpies


  1. Cut a piece of scrapbooking paper to fit inside the picture frame
  2. On the paper, write in sharpie “I love God because …”
  3. The women can decorate the paper or leave it as is with just the statement.
  4. Place the completed scrapbook paper inside the picture frame with the glass on top.
  5. Give each woman a dry erase marker to take home with her.
  6. Each day she can write on the glass a reason why she loves God.
  7. After finishing the craft, invite the women to share their response with the group.

God Wants to be Loved

The theme this year is “Just be … still,” but when read in context of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” the question is who is God? 1 John 4:8 tells us in the most simple, beautiful and profound way—God is love. Such a simple and deep statement—God is love. As believers, it is naturally our desire to please God. Just as we want to bring joy to those we care about—our parents, children, spouses, siblings, friends—so we want to bring joy to our heavenly Father. Knowing who He is, it makes sense that the best way to please the God who is love, is by loving Him.

Read Matthew 22:37–39

It can be tempting to break down this verse and compartmentalize it into loving God with all your heart, then loving God with all your soul and so on. In doing this it can be easy to lose sight of the true intention of the verse. It’s not about loving God with every part, but loving God with the whole, just as I am not sometimes a mother, sometimes an officer, sometimes a wife and sometimes me. I am always all those things at all times. In the same way, we should always be loving God in all ways at all times. This might sound overwhelming, but the more we develop our personal relationship with God, the more natural it becomes.

Read 1 John 5:2

The best way to love God is through obedience. His commands are not burdensome. They are not heavy or oppressing. They are simply to put Him first above all else (see Deuteronomy 5:6–15) and love others in kind and practical ways. When we love others, we are being obedient to God and He is loved through that response. When we do these things, we are loving God.

Make it happen:

  • Each day this week, find at least one way to love God and to love others.
  • Start and end each day praising the Lord.
  • Pray and seek the Spirit’s guidance in what God is calling you to, then respond with obedience.
  • Find at least one way to show love to someone each day.
  • Tell someone why you love the Lord.

Close in prayer.