June 2021 – Just Enjoy an Unforgettable Day

June 2021 – Just Enjoy an Unforgettable Day


While the world we live in tells us that marriage is no longer necessary, many still hold on to what Scripture teaches about this sacred union. The wedding day will be the most unforgettable day of the bride’s life, the beginning of a new life together with her husband. She thinks about and sometimes even obsesses over every detail, from her jewelry to the dress she will wear. The outfit will be beautiful and bright with perfect decorative details. No spot or imperfection will be tolerated. As the details are being planned, she awaits that great day with excitement and joy.


Ask the women to come dressed for a wedding. Invite them to bring something that they had or wore at their wedding. This could be flowers, fabrics or jewelry. Let the women share what they brought.


Divide the women into groups who will work together to prepare the various aspects of a wedding. Set up four stations with the different materials necessary for each project. Each group should create a theme that ties each aspect together. Wedding sites such as withjoy.com, weddingwire.com, and even a simple web search can inspire a group with an idea. Either print some examples (framing them to use as decorations), or just make the sites available for the women to search on their phones for ideas. Give each group an allotted amount of time to prepare and create at each station.

If you do not have enough supplies at each station for each group to make their centerpiece or bouquet, ask each group to take a photo of their finished product and then disassemble their creation so that the next group will have access to the same supplies. You do not want the last group to be at a disadvantage because they did not have enough materials.

Station 1 – Prepare the invitation for the ceremony

Using cardstock or blank invitation paper, have the women design an invitation for their wedding. Metallic markers and pens will be needed for the wording of the invitation. A pencil and ruler may be beneficial. They can use their phones to access websites and help with proper wording, or you could have printed samples to help in their planning.

Station 2 – Prepare the Table Centerpieces

Using decorative silk flowers, vases, strands of pearls, candles and any other items that you may have at the corps, ask each group to create a centerpiece for the reception table.

Station 3 – Prepare the flower bouquet

Invite each group to make a bridal bouquet for the big day using silk flowers, tissue paper flowers, baby’s breath or other inexpensive filler flowers.

Station 4 – Decorate the cake

Give each group a small cake and decorating supplies to create their wedding cake.


Decorate the meeting room with tiaras, tulle, pearls, flowers, photos of mini brides and grooms.

Wedding Reception

After playing the games, have a wedding reception. Serve punch, lemonade, small sandwiches and the cakes from the fourth game station. Use white or silver paper plates. Wedding dance music could be a great option to enhance the celebration.

Here Come The Brides

When we are invited to attend a wedding ceremony, we always go with the expectation of seeing the couple at their best. All eyes are focused on the moment when the bride parades dazzlingly towards her beloved. The bride walks steadily, perhaps nervous or excited until she reaches the side of the one whom will be her life partner and her eternal love. To make this day an unforgettable one takes time, effort and dedication, but it is all worth it to make the dreams of the bride come true.

Marriage is a celebration of love between two who are joined together as one. This love will be tested and must overcome obstacles, challenges and misfortunes. True love will be the flame that maintains the hope of enjoying a life together. We prepare and dedicate so much time and effort to achieve an unforgettable wedding, but how much more should we be preparing ourselves for the great day when we will face our beloved, Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 61:10 says: “I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of His righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.” Jesus Christ waits for His church—His wife and His beloved—to enjoy the great wedding celebration when the church is finally united together with God. At this wedding the Lamb will receive His wife, the church that has been kept clean and without stain to enjoy life with Him for all eternity. The Lord offers His people beautiful clothing to wear in preparation for His coming. These garments, more splendid than any wedding dress that we could choose for ourselves, are garments of salvation and righteousness—pure white, spotless, dazzlingly beautiful. Let us put on these garments and keep them pure by living for the true love of our lives, Jesus, until the day He returns and we will be united with Him forever.


Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank you God for your great love. You are the beloved One who protects our lives and shows us how special we are. Your love teaches us to seek Your presence and to give You our heart, mind and soul. Help us day by day to focus our thoughts towards Your Presence, and to not allow anything or anyone interrupt our relationship with You or our search for You. The day will come when we will hear Your voice and contemplate Your beauty face to face. Come Lord Jesus, Your church, Your princess, Your wife awaits You. Amen.