February 2021 – Be Kind to Your Heart

February 2021 – Be Kind to Your Heart


Use medical charts, 3–D pictures of the human heart, posters showing healthy eating and healthy habits.

Refreshment Ideas

Healthy snacks—carrot and celery sticks, hummus, low sodium crackers, Crystal Light®, bottled water and apple slices with cheese.

Service Project Ideas

Ask the women to assist in a Sunbeam class for their “Physical Fitness” emblem. Share information about having a healthy heart and the importance of exercise and eating the right foods. Serve healthy refreshments. Take them on a field trip to go hiking. The requirements for the girls to earn this emblem can be found at: https://www.ministrytoolkit.org

Look at the American Heart Association website for several interesting service opportunities for individuals and/or groups. https://www.heart.org/.

Get involved in “wear red day.” Information can be found at https://www.goredforwomen.org.

Host a healthy cooking demonstration. This would be a good time to encourage the women to invite a guest. Check with the local community for people who could help with these demonstrations—health department, local chefs.

Don’t Worry About Anything

Read Philippians 4:6–7 (NLT)

We would all agree that not worrying about anything is a good attitude to have, but most of us know that it is easier said than done. As women, we are constantly trying to find the perfect balance between our personal lives, our family responsibilities, our jobs and church. If we did not experience some stress, we would not be able to function at all. Some types of stress are actually beneficial to us. We can feel stressed for a short period of time and it’s nothing to worry about. For example when you need to hand in a project, or you have to talk in front of a group of people. You may feel “butterflies” in your stomach and the palms of your hands get sweaty.

These types of positive stressors are short lived and are your body’s way of helping you get through what could be a tough situation. However, it is the stress that stays with us that constantly keeps us worrying about how to handle everything that will affect us negatively in the long run. Those in the health profession warn that stress can cause many dangerous heart related issues, such as high blood pressure, panic attacks and cardio–vascular problems.

Consider the scripture found in Philippians 4:6–7. Don’t worry about anything … pray about everything … thank God for all He has done! Then, and only then, will we experience His peace. That peace will guard our hearts and minds.” We desperately need this protection offered by Jesus who is the guardian of our hearts.

While we are working towards keeping our physical hearts healthy, let’s practice praying and experiencing God’s peace to keep our spiritual life healthy also.


Women and Heart Disease