Embrace – Ministry to Women

Embrace – Ministry to Women

Embrace is a new way to experience Women’s Ministries. With Embrace, there is no program that needs to be prepared in advance and no study prior to the discussion time. Embrace is designed to be low–key, with very little pressure on the leader or participants. It is a fun time that develops meaningful fellowship.

Embrace groups meet once a month for up to two hours at a time on a day that works best for each individual group. The intended format is to share a meal and then engage in guided discussion with the provided questions/challenges. It is designed to help open doors to intimate sharing and create true sisterhood. As you can see from the testimonies below, Embrace can be used in a variety of ways depending on each unique group.

“During Embrace one woman was finally able to forgive a grudge she had been holding onto for years. She released it, asked for forgiveness, and walked away in freedom.”

“We have recently had two families come to the Corps on Sundays for worship because of their involvement in the Embrace group.”

“The members of our Spanish language Embrace group have established a texting group. Using this method of communication, they send prayer requests daily and then pray for the requests.”

“We started a new group—DIVAS (Divine, Inspired, Victorious, Amazing, Sassy).  This group is designed to reach women who work during the day, women on probation, and women recently released from jail or graduated from an addiction rehabilitation facility. As this program is designed for fellowship as well as nurturing, some correctional workers find it helpful to participate in the group. While the women are socializing, the Corps officer/leader discusses the Embrace questions with the group. Our hope is to empower and encourage women to know that they are more than society labels them.”

These are just a few testimonies about the Central Territory’s Embrace program. It is a vision to bring together women in groups of 6–8 within a Corps community (and beyond) to encourage purposeful conversations about life and their relationship with Jesus. It also aims to build friendship and sisterhood within the body of Christ.

Recently at the Central Territory’s Arise and Shine Women’s Conference, during the Saturday evening banquet, over 1,500 women experienced Embrace around their tables. They enjoyed a meal together and then discussed four questions. Since the conference, 25 new leaders have registered to lead an Embrace group.

Embrace is open to the public. Anyone is welcome to sign up for the free resources.

Go to http://uscwomensministries.com/embrace/ for further information.