Book Review – The Right Kind Of Strong

Book Review – The Right Kind Of Strong



Book: The Right Kind Of Strong

Author: Mary A. Kassian


Often in our culture we cloud the definition of the word “strong”. There are so many definitions that we can easily get lost trying to make ourselves fit into a “strong” box. As a female leader, the pressure is even heavier. Where’s the line between strong and wrong? Between empathetic and apathetic? Between dynamic and domineering? In the book, “The Right Kind of Strong” by Mary A. Kassian, the topic of female leadership is gracefully and directly addressed. We can be strong female leaders in a way that is clearly defined by scripture. Kassian gives seven habits to help us be transparent, Holy Spirit-led women who effectively engage the gifts God has given them and the people around them. This book is an eye-opener and gives tangible strategies for authentic leadership development. As a single female Salvation Army Officer, I found it inspirational and encouraging to be reminded of God’s unique design for women and His unique call on my life as a woman in leadership. I hope it is just as encouraging for you.

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