Book Review – Barefoot Cinderellas

Book Review – Barefoot Cinderellas

Book – Barefoot Cinderellas: Set The Captives Free

Author – Major Susie Erickson

“Barefoot Cinderellas: Set the Captives Free” is such a beautiful testimony, written by Major Susie Erickson, and how God brought her out of darkness and into His overwhelming and life-giving light.

“Barefoot Cinderellas” tells the story of a young girl, who grew up in very difficult circumstances and her incredible journey to become an officer in The Salvation Army. It discloses how the Lord used her experiences to cultivate a beautiful ministry. This book is a beautiful testimony of God’s love, provision, protection, presence, and faithfulness. The main message of this book is: God is always faithful. No matter the circumstances. No matter how dark life may be. No matter the amount of heartache and grief. God is always faithful to bring His loved ones from darkness into his beautiful light.

The part of the book that spoke most dearly to my heart was when the author talked about the need to always be perfect, or “image management”. However, that striving for perfection came at the detriment to her relationships and the life that the Lord had intended for her. Striving for perfection to promote our own image is never what God had intended for our lives, even in the context of ministry. We are called to serve the Lord, and then we live in the freedom of knowing that we don’t have to strive to please Him! We are free to live the life abundant that the Grace of Jesus gives us.

I recommend “Barefoot Cinderellas” to any woman who struggles with finding her identity in Christ and is unable to see her worth in Christ’s eyes. This book is perfect for any woman who had a difficult childhood or an unbalanced family life. And to any woman who has experienced great loss in the grief of infertility and miscarriage, this book brings a perspective on God’s faithfulness that only a woman who has walked that painful journey can give. To all women, this book is a must-read.

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