Outreach — Spring Fling

Outreach — Spring Fling

Spring Fling (or Christmas in July) is a Women’s Rally Day with the goal of connecting new women to the ministry of The Salvation Army. The women currently involved in women’s programs are encouraged to invite several women to this event. It makes it even more special if surrounding corps can join together. The women love getting together and fellowshipping with one another. However, the goal is to invite women who are not yet connected, so offer prizes for those who bring a guest as well as for the guests themselves.

The website https://www.ctainc.com offers many themed items for women’s ministry programs that can be purchased and used for table settings, table favors and thank-you gifts.

As part of the day, offer workshops based on a theme. Usually craft or food workshops work well. Also, set up a prayer room as one of the workshops for those who feel they are not “crafty.” DHQ leaders, women from the programs, and Women’s Auxiliary members are all good candidates to teach workshops. Charge a small fee to help cover the cost of supplies. We charged $15, which covered the lunch and the two workshops.

Below is a sample schedule:

9:30-10:00 am

Registration, Refreshments, Bake and Craft Sale

10:00-11:30 am—Workshop 1

Beaded Vine Bracelet (Chapel Lobby)

Vegetable Bouquet (Fellowship Hall)

Easter Candy Bouquet (Portable)

God’s Promises—Prayer Room (Fireside Room)

11:45 am—Lunch and Program (Gym)

1:00-2:30 pm—Workshop 2 (see above)

2:45 pm—Dessert Program (Gym)

3:30 pm—Homeward Bound

Don’t forget to have registration cards available so you can gather the guests’ information. Also, have printed materials with your Home League and Women’s Ministry Calendar for distribution. A picture slide show of your events over the past year will spark guests’ interest in becoming involved.