Outreach — Gathering

Outreach — Gathering

The following material is a part of a small group program designed to bring women together to encourage purposeful conversations about life and Jesus. Its aim is to build friendship and sisterhood within the body of Christ.

The intended format may include sharing a meal, refreshments or coffee together and then engaging in guided discussion with provided questions/challenges to help open the doors of sharing and vulnerability.

This is a good group activity for women to use in their homes with friends or neighbors who may not be part of the regular women’s ministries groups in a corps setting.

We often hear God’s Word being compared to the taste of honey. Historically, honey held multiple purposes. It was used to add flavor to everyday foods and to enhance family traditions such as wedding celebrations. Because of its antibacterial properties, it was often used medicinally. Similarly, we can apply scripture to sweeten our day–to–day living, to heal wounds, or simply to sit back and savor each word.

The topic this month is ‘His Word is Sweet.’ This gives participants an opportunity to discuss where they are in their regular scripture reading, to discern how God’s Word has impacted them, and to encourage deeper study, incorporating what they learn into every facet of their lives. After sharing the scripture, pose at least three of the questions below with the group:

  • When was the first time you heard God speak through scripture?
  • Has scripture ever helped you in a difficult time? Share an example.
  • Do you experience any difficulty in spending daily time reading your Bible? Why?
  • How is scripture incorporated into your family, work, school, or social circle?

After a time of sharing, you may wish to discuss how as a group accountability can foster deeper exploration of scripture. A fun challenge might be memorizing a new verse each week. Be sure to hand out the Monthly Scripture Card and Take–Home Sheet.

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https://ministrytoolkit.org (Keyword embrace)