Outreach – S.A.M.S. Salvation Army Meals for Students

Outreach – S.A.M.S. Salvation Army Meals for Students

Schools provide children in the lower income status with free meals during the school week, Monday through Friday. However, on the weekends many of these children don’t receive a decent meal and are undernourished.

Program Idea

Ahead of time contact the school(s) near the corps to obtain permission to provide backpacks that contain two full meals for needy students on the weekends. The school faculty representative will discreetly hand out the backpacks on Friday, and then the empty packs will be returned on Monday. Invite the women to conduct a food drive focused on what would be needed to provide these meals. They could present the specific plans, sponsored by the women’s ministries, corps members, Advisory Board members and other community groups such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Boy Scouts, Fire and Police Departments.

Volunteers Needed

The women can be involved in collecting the food items, filling the backpacks, taking them to the designated schools on a Friday and picking up the empty backpacks on a Monday.