March 2021 – Just Be Still … God Is Our Anchor

March 2021 – Just Be Still … God Is Our Anchor


The storms of life prove the strength of our anchor. With God as our anchor, we need not fear any storms that come our way.


Display a ship with an anchor and a sign with the words from Hebrews 6:19: “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Program Ideas

  1. Invite the women to share a time when God was their anchor and they relied fully on Him.
  2. Paint or color precut anchors. Write Hebrews 6:19 on them.
  3. Ahead of time make anchor cookies. Invite the women to decorate them.

Meeting Outline


Call to worship

No one is exempt from the storms of life. Like the disciples, who initially feared the storm and later came to rely on Christ, we can face the storms, which bring us to a deeper knowledge of God.


“With Jesus in the Boat”

Scripture Reading

Mark 6:45–51

God is Our Anchor

In the scripture just read we see the account of Jesus feeding the multitude with two small fish and five loves. Following this miracle, Jesus instructs His disciples to take a boat and go ahead of Him to Bethsaida. While on the way a storm came up and the disciples were left to face it alone. However, the greatest storm that night was actually in the disciples’ hearts. The greatest fear was not the storm and the driving waves; it was the sense that Jesus had left them to face the night alone with only questions as companions. It was the storm the disciples faced that night.

They must have thought that Jesus would surely help them. They’d seen Him quiet storms like this before. On this same sea, they had awakened Him and He had commanded the skies to be silent. They saw Him quiet the wind and soothe the waves. Surely He would come off the mountain and once again rescue them. But He didn’t. Their arms began to ache from rowing. But, still there was no sign of Jesus. The hours went by and the wind continued to rage. The boat rocked from side to side and still Jesus was nowhere to be found.

Maybe you’re like the disciples were that night, riding a storm, searching the coastline for a light, a glimmer of hope. You know that Jesus knows what you are going through. You know that He’s aware of your storm. But as hard as you look to find Him, you can’t see Him.

What storm are you going through in your life right now?

  • Is it a storm of addiction?
  • Is it a storm of sickness?
  • Is it a storm of financial pressures?
  • Is it a storm of relationship challenges?
  • Is it a storm of doubt and hopelessness?
  • How can you hope to survive the storm?
  • Who is your anchor today?
  • Have you given God complete control over your life?

But Jesus didn’t just leave them. We read in verse 50 and 51, “Immediately He spoke to them and said, Take courage! It is I, don’t be afraid.’ Then He climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down.” Jesus came back for them. He won’t leave us either. It may seem like it sometimes, but He is always there. When we call to Him, He will answer.

We will continue to go through storms in our lives; but it’s who’s holding our anchor that matters. Let God take hold of your anchor today. Allow Him to guide you.

Time of Reflection

Closing Prayer