Enrollment Ceremony

Enrollment Ceremony

Theme: Just Be… Filled

The Home League is distinguished among The Salvation Army Women’s Ministries by its international membership and organization. Founded in 1907, with the fourfold aim of Worship, Education, Fellowship and Service, it is one of the largest Christian women’s organizations in the world. Today we will be celebrating as we add the newest members to this international women’s group.

(Call the enrollees to join you on the platform.)

 “Be still, be calm, see, and understand that I am the True God. I am honored among all the nations. I am honored over all the earth.”  Psalm 46:10 (The Voice)

All over the earth, every Home League in the world is united in this purpose: to know that our Lord is the true God, and to bring Him honor. We know God and honor Him by meeting together and upholding the fourfold purpose of Education, Fellowship, Service and Worship. Each of these reminds us that Christ is the center of our homes and of our Home League program.

(Turn attention to display of four different cups, each filled with a different beverage – coffee, tea, lemonade and cocoa.)

You see in front of you four cups. Each is filled with a drink representing the different ways that we are filled through the fourfold program of the Home League. Today we will see how each element of this program enables us to know God and to honor Him.


First, a cup of coffee. Many of us cannot get our day started without it. This cup of coffee represents education. Like coffee, education energizes us and gives us focus. Our ambition is to promote a purposeful Christian life through what we learn together.


Second, we have a cup of tea. In many cultures, people gather to sit with a cup of tea and a sweet treat, taking a break in the day to fellowship with one another. Fellowship is such an important part of Home League. We develop meaningful friendships, depend on one another, and through opportunities of fellowship we bring others into the larger family of believers.


Next, we have an icy cup of lemonade. After working hard on a project, nothing is more refreshing. This cup of lemonade represents the service projects we do to work toward bettering our homes, community, nation and world.


And finally, a cup of cocoa. This cup is so sweet and fills us with warmth and joy. This represents our worship together. Through this cup we know the goodness and sweetness of God, and it fills us with joyful testimonies of life with Him.

 (Addressing the women to be enrolled)

Through the fourfold program of Education, Fellowship, Service and Worship, we know and honor God with the good things He has given us. These cups are filled with good things to drink. We are filled in a different way as we take part in each element of the fourfold program. In our meetings, we share these blessings with one another. We use this opportunity to extend these drinks to someone else as an invitation to join us.

Now I invite you to recognize your own personal responsibility in the Home League of The Salvation Army, and in its fourfold program of Education, Fellowship, Service and Worship. By becoming a member of this international fellowship of women, you are making a commitment to join in the efforts of this group to…

  • Win women for Christ, encourage spiritual growth and provide Christian fellowship,
  • Promote a purposeful Christian life,
  • Work toward a betterment of the home, the community, the nation, and the world, and
  • Recruit soldiers and link families to the fellowship of believers

As a member of the Home League, will you do your best to uphold these purposes and work toward their fulfillment? If this is your desire, please indicate your willingness to unite with us in purpose and effort by saying, “I Will.’

 Prayer of Dedication

Presentation of Membership Cards and Pins (you may want to have a mug or small gift to present along with the cards and pins.

Will you please join me in welcoming the newest members of the (insert Corps name) Home League!

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