April 2019 — Serve Enthusiastically

April 2019 — Serve Enthusiastically


April is the perfect time to tackle spring cleaning. Sometimes it is even better to help someone else with their spring cleaning. It is said, “many hands make light work.” So let’s put our hands together to serve those who need our help.

Service Idea — Senior Spring Cleaning

Ask the women to donate various cleaning supplies (glass cleaner, trash bags, paper towels, furniture polish, and buckets). From these supplies create cleaning supply buckets. Divide the women into teams of 2 to 3. Arrange for each team to go to a senior or shut–in’s home to do some basic cleaning tasks: wash windows, declutter closets, clean the kitchen, weed the yard.

Have the women bring a meal or some goodies to leave with the senior. Maybe place a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. If you have no seniors in mind, you could assist a single parent in the same way.

Spring Cleaning at the Corps

Put a group together to tackle a spring cleaning job that is needed at the corps building. This could be a thorough cleaning of the corps kitchen, the refrigerator, the Women’s Ministry closet or the Sunday school supply closet. Another possibility would be to clean the corps social service food closet checking for outdated food items and sorting the donated canned items.


Make up snack packs to send with the women while they clean. Items you could include: water bottle, granola bar, trail mix, apple, cheese and crackers, or sandwiches.

What Does the Lord Require of You?

Read Deuteronomy 10:12–21

Creating ways for children and youth to serve has always been an important goal of my ministry. I think most people would agree that it is very beneficial for our young people to have these opportunities. We know it helps build character and develops caring values. It also helps counter the “give me” mentality of our culture and to develop relationships with others who are less fortunate than they are. We know it helps curb the overall human nature to serve self. Service empowers them to know how their lives can make a positive difference to others and helps them see their role in bringing about societal change.

We all need these opportunities for the same reasons, no matter what our age may be. The added benefit for us as adults is that we can more fully understand that we are serving the Lord as we serve others. Matthew 25:31–46 echoes this same thought. (Read this portion of Scripture.)

We know that serving others develops our character and honors the Lord. This portion of Scripture tells us that when we serve others it’s the same as serving Him. What should our attitude be while serving? We see we are to love Him and serve Him with all our heart and soul. Our service should not be out of duty or obligation. Our service to God and others should be an exhilarating experience that does not seem like bondage or slavery. We should serve enthusiastically knowing we honor the Lord with every ounce of who we are.

This week lets activate our skills, time and energy into service for others. We will find a renewed blessing in knowing we have loved the Lord our God and loved our neighbor as ourselves.