Outreach — Celebrating Clean Clothes

Outreach — Celebrating Clean Clothes

Not every family has the luxury of clean clothes. Without access to a washer and dryer, or the funds for detergent, they cannot afford to do laundry. Reach out to these families and offer both practical and spiritual help by assuring them that they are valued and loved by God and The Salvation Army.

Option 1—Contact a laundromat that is in close proximity to the corps and inquire if they would be willing to donate laundry service for a pre–determined number of customers. The women’s ministries women could provide detergent and fabric sheets. This free service would be offered only during specified times. If this isn’t possible, make arrangements for the women at the information table to have a supply of tokens or coins in the denomination needed to operate the machines. Make this “service ministry” available to anyone who comes to the laundry.

Ask permission to set up a small snack and informational table that would be manned by a couple of the women’s ministries members. They could answer any questions the families may have concerning The Salvation Army and offer spiritual counseling by sharing the love of Jesus. Have printed information about corps and up–coming women’s ministries’ activities available.

Option 2—Ask the women’s ministries group to hold a fundraiser or ask for donations to purchase gift cards for clients to use at the laundromat. Detergent and softener sheets could be given at the same time as the cards. This option allows the recipients to go to the laundromat at their convenience. Informational brochures about Sunday services, youth and women’s ministries programs could be given to each person who receives a gift card.

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