May 2021 – Just Be Prepared

May 2021 – Just Be Prepared


Always Be Prepared! Assemble Female Hygiene Bag*

A month before this meeting, ask the women to sign up to provide the following items and bring them the day of the meeting. On the day of the program provide quart plastic zip–baggies. Create an assembly line and fill bags that can be given to social service clients or for the women to hand out on their own as needed.

1 – Plastic brush

1 – Hand and body lotion (travel-size)

1 – Toothbrush (travel-size)

1 – Toothpaste (travel-size)

1 – Deodorant (travel-size)

2 – Anti-Bacterial Soap (travel-size)

1 – Hand Sanitizer (travel-size)

1 – Pocket Tissue

3 – Moist Towelettes

4 – Tampons

4 – Panty liners

2 – Maxi Pads

1 – Pack of mint gum

1 – Razor

*Male versions of these kits could also be assembled.

5 Ingredient Freezer Meals

Have meals prepared in advance so when life surprises you, you’ll still be ready for dinner. There are a few ways to plan this activity, which will take some advanced prep time. Follow this link to read how to plan  In advance, have women check out these 5 ingredient freezer meal recipes and select a recipe that they would be interested in preparing: Ask each woman to bring enough ingredients for 3 meals. For example: If the recipe calls for 1 cup, bring 3 cups. Have the women choose which meals they want (knowing they won’t go home with every meal brought – unless of course the group agrees to bring enough ingredients for each person attending). Then everyone goes home with three freezer meals.

Be Wise, Be Prepared

The corps I attend is intentional about stepping in and providing meals when a baby has been born, when someone has had surgery, or when a family has lost a loved one. Recently I signed up to provide a meal on a weeknight. I intended to use the bone broth I had just made to cook a yummy soup for this family. About 24 hours before, while on my commute, I started taking a mental inventory of the ingredients I had on hand at home. I wanted to treat this family but I also wanted to save money in the process and use what I already had. I realized I was short a few items and ran through the activities of the next 24 hours to see when I had time to run to the grocery store. Twenty–four hours turned into 4 hours to go and I had not been to the grocery store and really had no time to cook. I was unprepared. My mental planning was not enough to bring this dinner to reality. I ended up buying a family meal for $25 at Boston Market. Spending about $20 more that I had hoped.

We read in Proverbs 6:6–8, “Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways, and be wise. Without having any chief or officer or ruler, it prepares its food in summer, and gathers its sustenance in harvest.” I was not wise in my planning, maybe a bit lazy in my effort and generally just not prepared and it cost me. When we are intentional, prepared and proactive, not just in preparing food but in ministry as a whole, we will bear fruit through a plentiful harvest that will grow the kingdom of God. Anytime we approach ministry opportunities unprepared and without prayer we are entering in without wisdom and all people involved miss out on a blessing.


The scripture says, considers its ways and be wise. Who in your life is an “ant” prepared and full of wisdom? Describe them. What is God asking you to prepare for right now?