February 2020 – S.O.S. Shower Our Shelter with Love

February 2020 – S.O.S. Shower Our Shelter with Love

Kid-Friendly Program


As a way of serving the Lord and sharing His love, hold a shower to provide items for a community shelter. Ahead of time contact the shelter and ask what items would be helpful. Share these suggestions with the women. If it is decided that the gifts are to be wrapped, inquire if some of the residents or staff are willing to attend the shower and open the gifts.


Decorate using a nautical/cruise ship décor based on the old TV series “The Love Boat.”

  • Create a Lido deck for the activity area by using a kiddie pool, beach towels, plastic beach balls and plastic lounge chairs.
  • Fill glass bowls with sand, seashells and Hawaiian flowers for centerpieces.
  • Purchase Lifesaver® candy for table favors.
  • Use nautical signs that notate “Captain’s Table” on the gift table and “Coral Dining Room” on the refreshment table.


Serve Hawaiian themed snacks along with a dessert buffet.

Program Ideas – Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth at the entrance of the building to mimic the way cruise ships take photos of the boarding passengers. A sea or ship background with a lifesaver ring (can be made using a foam circle) lettered with the words “S.O.S” or “Love,” will add to the atmosphere. Provide clothing for the women to wear when taking their photos: sailor hats, life jackets, straw hats, 80s type jackets or typical vacation type apparel.

Lido Deck Activities – Icebreaker Beach Ball Toss

Write “getting to know you” type questions and tape them on a plastic beach ball. Some examples: What is your favorite movie? What are three words that best describe you? How many siblings/children do you have? What would you want if you were stranded on a deserted island? Instruct the women to toss the ball to each other. When the leader yells, “stop,” the woman holding the ball is to answer the question that is located under her left thumb.

The Love Boat Trivia Game

  1. Fill in the blank: “Love ______ and _______, come aboard, we’re ______ you. Exciting, new, expecting.
  2. What was the name of the ship’s friendly Captain? Captain Merrill Stubing
  3. In what year did “The Love Boat” make its debut: 1977, 1980, 1993? 1977
  4. What was “The Love Boat” called? South Sea Princess, Pacific Princess, Love’s Adventure. Pacific Princess
  5. What famous basketball team starred in an episode of the original show? The Harlem Globe Trotters 
  6. How many years was “The Love Boat” on air—5 years, 10 years, 7 years? 10 years
  7. Who made 10 guest appearances on the TV series? Charo 
  8. Which member of the cast became a House Representative and ran for Governor of Iowa? Gavin MacLeod, Fred Grandy, Jack Smith. Fred Grandy (Goper) 
  9. What was the name of the group of dancers on show: The Mermaids, the Lovers, the Fishermen. The Mermaids


Check the following website for instructions on how to set up a shuffleboard using painters tape and a Swifer® floor mop for the paddle.  http://deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com/2012/04/diy-shuffleboard-showdown.html

We Will Serve the Lord

Read Joshua 24:2–27.

The distress signal S.O.S. became widely used in 1905 by the German government. The origins vary depending on the source consulted. Some think it stemmed from initials for save our souls, save our ship, or send out succor. Since it originated in Germany it is unlikely to stand for an English phrase, but its purpose is universal. It signals that someone is in distress.

If a ship were in distress, the Captain would send out an S.O.S. using Morse code in order to obtain help. Morse code is an alphabet invented by Samuel Morse in which letters are represented by a series of long and short light or sound signals. The signal for distress is: dot–dot–dot, dash–dash–dash, dot–dot–dot. In the beginning, an S.O.S was limited to nautical or radio messages. Then people began using it to communicate other urgent messages or appeals for help.

In the scripture, we read that Joshua reviewed all the S.O.S. (save our souls) messages from the Israelites to God. He reminds them of how God answered their appeals for help from the days of Abraham, from the start of their journey to current victories in recapturing the lands of Canaan. God responded to their S.O.S. with the expectation that they would continue to walk in His ways. Joshua told them that they could chose who they would worship but that he and his household would be serving the God who never failed. They would serve the God who “Saved Our Souls,” the One who responded to their urgent appeals for help. The tribes of Israel replied by proclaiming three times that they too would serve the Lord. (verses 18, 21, 24). In verses 25–27, they made a covenant as a reminder of their proclamation.

As we’ve shared about God’s love by way of the gifts for the shelter, let’s be reminded of the stand Joshua took and the response given by the people of Israel: “We will serve the Lord.” Who do you choose to serve today? Don’t forget how God has responded to your S.O.S. calls in the past and how He will continue to do so in the future as you continue to follow Him.