December 2020 – Be Kind to Your Sweet Tooth

December 2020 – Be Kind to Your Sweet Tooth

Authors: This program was co-written by Lt. Rachel Pruitt and Lt. Lindsey Galabeas

Decoration Ideas

Program and Service Ideas

  • Host a “Cookie Off”: Encourage the woman to bake or buy at least two dozen cookies for the Number each plate of cookies. Invite the women to taste the cookies and vote on their favorite using a silent ballot. Leftover cookies could be given out in the social service office, a shelter, during canteen ministry, or at the next community care visit.
  • Cookie Decorating: Buy or bake sugar or gingerbread Provide cookie decorating supplies (icing, sprinkles) for the women to use. When they are finished, package up a cookie and give out as outlined above.
  • Fill small bags with cookies and give two to each Staple a card to the top of the bag with the words of Psalm 139:14. This is to remind them of how God created each of them in a unique way. The second bag is for them to share with a friend.
  • Treat Decorating: Giving out homemade goodies is becoming increasingly difficult because of food safety An alternative idea is to decorate the packaged treats using white and metallic paint pens or permanent markers, buttons, ribbons and other non–food supplies.
  • History of the Cookie: Research and present historical facts on the origin and progression of the modern Test the women on these facts at the end of the program.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Ask one of the women to read Psalm 139:14 to the group.

Have the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies displayed on a table before the devotion. Mix the ingredients together as the devotion is given. Allow the women to respond to the questions.

Object Lesson – fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • Flour is the basic ingredient in cookies without it they would fall apart and wouldn’t taste As we think about how God created us, let’s think about our personalities. Without each of our unique personalities, we would all be the same, and that would be very boring. What is one quality of your personality that is unique to you? (add flour to mixing bowl)
  • Sugar (brown and white) is what makes cookies so sweet and Sugar is the reason desserts are so favored. What has God gifted you with? What are your strengths? (add brown and white sugar to mixing bowl)
  • Butter makes cookies taste great but can be messy and overpowering if not used Sometimes we can make decisions or not-so-great choices that end up being messy. What are your weaknesses? Remember that when we allow God to use our weakness, it becomes His strength. Just like butter in the cookie recipe. (add butter to mixing bowl)
  • Chocolate chips give the chocolate chip cookie their delicious Laughter adds flavor to our lives. Humor is like the sweetness of a cookie.
  • Tell a friend around your table a joke or funny Let’s celebrate the sense of humor in all of us. (add chocolate chips and remaining ingredients to mixing bowl)

We are so carefully and intentionally created by our Father. It is amazing when we think about the detail contained inside us, even down to our DNA. When we make a batch of cookies, it’s important that every ingredient is present and that we carefully measure and mix them so that the cookies taste delicious. When God created us, He put so much thought and care into making us just as beautiful and complex as we are.

Today I made chocolate chip cookies, but there are so many different kinds of cookies and sweets. The great thing about having so many options is that they’re all unique. It reminds me of how unique God has crafted each of us. I’m so glad that we can celebrate our differences and recognize that our individuality is our strength. God uses each of us just as He created us to be part of this community.

Discussion Groups

Place half sheets of paper on the tables with the following questions.

  • How does it make you feel to read that you are fearfully and wonderfully made?
  • What quality of your personality are you most proud of?
  • What is one weakness about yourself that makes you feel insecure?
  • In what ways are you unique?
  • What is one way you can encourage someone to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made?

Close In Prayer