August 2023 – Connecting the Dots  

August 2023 – Connecting the Dots  

Scripture: John 15:5 


This year’s theme is “Making Connections.” This can be hard, especially for those of us who are shy. It may even be hard to make and keep a connection with God, especially as a new Christian. Today we will learn how to “connect the dots” to stay connected to God and to others. 


Cover your tables with white or light purple cloths. For centerpieces use either purple and green grapes and vines, with purple and green polka dot balloons. Put a placemat at each spot with Dots and Boxes game or dot to dot pictures for the women to complete. Hang “dots” from the ceiling or attach purple and green paper dots to the walls. 


Put a box of DOTS® candies at each place setting. 

Program Ideas 

Fun and Fellowship Together 

Icebreaker –Using the placemats, play the Dots and Boxes game. This is where players take turns trying to connect the dots without leaving an opportunity for the other player to complete the box. When a box is completed, the one who finished it puts their initial in the box. For a free printable go to: 

Dots and Dashes Pencil Game – WMResources_August2023_Fellowship 

Morse code was a form of communication before computers and emails. Create a sheet with a message on it that the women have to figure out by deciphering the dot and dash patterns. The Morse alphabet is available on the Internet.  

String Art Craft 

String Art can be complicated or fairly easy depending on the time and skill of the women. There are tutorials on the Internet that also provide a template for the desired design. A heart pattern is fairly easy. If time is an issue, you may want to have the nails placed and the women will simply wind the string around the nails “connecting the dots.” 


Serve Dipping Dots, which can be found in some grocery stores. If you can’t find them, serve grapes, melon balls or any colorful fruit that would resemble “dots” 

Getting and Staying Connected to God 

“I am the vine and you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. For apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Have you thought about how much we rely on modern technology? We have cell phones, iPads, computers, smart TVs, and Alexa. These items are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient. That is, when they work properly. But in order for this to happen they need to be charged or plugged into a power source. Anyone who has had their phone die on them in the middle of an important conversation knows how frustrating that can be. We need to make sure that like our devices we rely on are regularly connected to a power source.  

Have you thought about how much we rely on God as our source of power? What if we stayed plugged in and connected to our Creator with as much enthusiasm as we give our electronic devices? What if we were to give God the same dedication, power and trust that we give to our cell phones? How much better our lives would be if we started each day charged up in the Lord and completely connected to Him as our source of power? Unlike our cell phones and computers, this power source can never be hacked, breeched or compromised. It will never break down or become obsolete. It is completely reliable and can never fail. 

John 15:5 says, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. For apart from Me, you can do nothing.” In this passage, we are reminded that God is our power source. He is the vine we are the branches. When we stay connected to the vine, we are fully functional as well. We, as children of God, require the recharging that we get from being connected to our Creator in the same way that we must plug in a lamp for it to give off light. Without its power source, what good is a lamp? It would be just a useless piece of metal, glass and wire incapable of giving off light. Likewise, what good are we? What purpose are we serving if we aren’t plugged into our power source every day. We need to be connected to the Lord to work properly for Him.  

So how do we stay connected to our power source? First, we start our day by being filled with the Word of God, seeking Him and His direction. Next, we need to stay fully connected to His love and wisdom by fully trusting in Him. By praying, reading His Word, and following His divine purpose for our lives, we will stay rooted in Him. Worship and surrender keep us connected as well.  

We need to stay connected to our power source in order to fulfill the purpose He has for us. Without Him, we can do nothing; we are nothing. Stay connected to God and watch His power at work in you.